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Ryde Rowing Club Annual General Meeting.

  • Ryde Rowing Club Appley Ln Ryde, England, PO33 1ND United Kingdom (map)

In accordance with Rule 11 the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of RYDE ROWING CLUB will take place at the Clubhouse, Appley Park, Ryde, on THURSDAY,  3rd /10th / 17th / 24th NOVEMBER, 2016 at 8.00pm. 


1) To read the notice convening the Meeting.

2) Apologies for absence.

3) Minutes of the last meeting.

4) To receive the Hon. Secretaries Report on the year ending 31st September, 2016.

5) To receive the Hon. Financial Secretaries Report and to review and adopt the Account for the year ending 31st December, 2015. (Rule 11) [See attached – provisional accounts – fully audited and detailed accounts will be available at the meeting].

6) To receive a financial statement on the purchase of the new Minibus.

7) To elect Honorary Members. (Rule 4F)

8) To elect Officers for the ensuing year (Rule 13):-

i) President.

ii) Vice Presidents

iii) Captain

iv) Vice/Rowing Captain.

v) Hon. Financial Secretary.

vi) Hon. Secretary.

vii) Hon. Assistant Secretary.

viii) Reporting Accountants (Hon. Auditors).

9) To elect Members of the General Committee (Rule 14)

10) To elect Members of the Bar Committee (Rule 14b):-

i) Chairperson.

ii) Manager.

iii) Assistant Manager.

iv) Secretary.

v) Committee Member.

11) To amend Rules.  (see over/attached/below)

12) To consider any other business sanctioned by the Committee or submitted in accordance with Rule 11D.