The Club’s Performance/Branded Kit provider is -  ID Sports and Leisure Ltd/Stitch Rowing.

They supply a range of performance/branded kit including, in addition to the Clubs Racing "All-in-one" - 24/7 Hard Shell and Soft-shell Splash Jackets, Dark Mornings Fleece’s and Cold Day Gilet’s, a Super Skinny Gilet and 365 Gilet - as well a as a Long and Short Sleeve Base layer in White Navy and Men's and Ladies Long and Short Sleeved Tech Top and Leggings - most with Club branding. 

While the Club will also continue to keep some items in stock - especially the Clubs racing "All-in-ones" our supplier also provides an on-line shop, specifically for Ryde Rowing club - where the items can be viewed, prices checked and orders placed. ID Sport/Stitch Rowing have advised that single items can be ordered - and that delivery is usually four weeks - and sometimes quicker. Please check if we do have the item you require in stock before ordering - E Mail -

The web site to view and place any kit orders is - - click on "Team Barnded Kit" then if you have not been on the site before you will have to register before you can place an order. From the Home page "click" on to ROWING on the left hand side - which will take you to the home page for Stitch Rowing - "click" on CLUBS AND TEAMS - and then ROWING CLUBS - where you will see the link for Ryde Rowing Club.

Alternatively copy and paste the link below into your browser and this should take you straight to the Ryde Rowing Club on-line shop -

Other items - contact Steve Bull on 077876 034941

or E Mail -

If anyone is interested we have available some multi-media files on the 2016 season.

They can be supplied in two formats -

1) On a DVD which includes 430 random photos taken during the season, a copy of the Power Point Presentation on the 2016 season given at the Annual Dinner and a copy of the film of the 2016 Ryde Regatta.

2) On a 16GB Memory stick - which in addition to the above includes in addition a further 200+ photographs taken at Ryde Regatta.

If interested in either please order by sending an E Mail to - - stating format.

Cost - with all profits going to the RRC Equipment fund - are £5 for the DVD/£10 for the Memory stick version.

They may take up to two weeks from order to supply.

also available - 

CLUB POLO SHIRTS - £14 - Blue with Club badge.

COMBI POGIES - £22.  A set of 3 pogies means you can row either side or scull! The set has a bow side hand, a stroke side hand and the inner hand (double-sided).

BLAZER BADGES (Gold wire) - £13.  CLUB TIES -  £10. Bow Tie - £15.

RIGGER-JIGGERS - £4 - 10mm/13mm combination spanner - £5 with a lanyard.