Southampton Coastal HORR
11:00 AM11:00

Southampton Coastal HORR

Southampton Amateur Rowing ClubSouthampton Head of the RiverCoastal FoursSaturday 14th April 20184150m on the River Itchen from Riverside Park Division one - 1100 Senior men J/S men Junior men Novice men Masters men 40+ Masters men 50+ WJ16 4X+ Mixed 4+ * Division two - 1300 Senior ladies Junior ladies Novice ladies Masters ladies MJ16 4X+ Mixed 4+ * * Crews must be of mixed gender and status. Pennants for fastest men’s and ladies’ crewTrophies for status winnersIndividual ‘pots’ for status winners (where 3 or more crews entered)Aggregate cup Entry fee- £24 per crew (£34 for late entries)BACS payments to Southampton Amateur Rowing ClubSort code 30-99-87 account number 00567941. Using reference SHORR.Cheques payable to ‘Southampton Amateur Rowing Club’Entries by Friday 6th April 2017 to;SHORR Secretary, C/O Southampton Amateur Rowing Club,Hazel Road, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 7GAEmail - Draw will be at SARC Sunday 8th April @ 12:00pm

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BTC River & Coastal Boats Head.
11:00 AM11:00

BTC River & Coastal Boats Head.

An invitation race of 3.5 miles on the River, Itchen, Southampton.

River Events

Division 1 (11.OOam)

Coxless 4's. Men's Open

Coxed 4's.  Men's Senior, Men's Junior Senior, Men's Junior, Men's Novice, Open Masters 

Coxed Quads. Men's Open, J16 Boys.

Pairs. Ladies Senior, Ladies Junior

Doubles. Ladies Open

J16 Girls. Sculls

All Ladies inc Veteran

Coastal Events

Fours.  Ladies Senior, Ladies Junior, Ladies Novice, Ladies Masters

 Coastal Quads, J16 Boys 

Pairs. Men's Senior, Men's Junior

Doubles (Must contain one novice sculler per boat.). Men's Open

Sculls. Men's Senior, Men's Veteran,  Men's Junior,  Men's Novice

Division 2 (1.45pm)

River Events   

Coxless 4's. Ladies Open

Coxed 4's.  Ladies Senior, Ladies Junior, Ladies Novice, Ladies Masters

Coxed Quads. Ladies Open, J16 Girls

Pairs. Men's Senior, Men's Junior, 

Doubles. Men's Open, J16 Boys


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IWRF Junior Indoor Rowing Competition.
9:30 AM09:30

IWRF Junior Indoor Rowing Competition.

The Island Indoor Rowing Championships 2018

Sunday November 4th at Shanklin-Sandown RC.

Open to school years 7-13 who are members of Shanklin RC , Ryde RC, Newport RC and Ryde School BC

·       Registration 9.30-10am

·       Racing commences 10.30am

·       Individual races and Team Relays

Please see your Club Coordinator for an application form and further details.

Open to under 18's from Newport, Ryde, Ryde and Shanklin Rowing Clubs + Ryde School Boat Club.

Registration is FREE but needs to be in by 10:00am to ensure an 10.30am start   Comfirmation of Results will be followed by Prize giving between 2pm & 2.30pm. The Competition is in two parts covering three events.   Part one  Competing as individuals over two events. Distance in a fixed time and 250m sprint but subject to  change/may not do both. Competitors will be divided into boys & girls and into age groups as described below. Prizes will be awarded to all age groups in boys and girls for first, second and third places. Part two  A relay competion. Teams will compete against each other over a fixed distance (tba) nominally 3k Final format to be decided on the day of the competition depending on the entries received on the day. Example. Teams could consist of 4 competitors (mixed gender) drawn at random, all different age groups.  No more than one person from each age group. Prizes will be awarded to all members of the team for first , second and third places. Age groups are as per BR guidelines from NJIRC website. Year 7   age 11 on September 1st   2 minutes Year  8  age 12 on September 1st   3 minutes Year  9  age 13 on September 1st   4 minutes Year  10  age 14 on September 1st   5 minutes Year  11  age 15 on September 1st   6 minutes Years 12 & 13 – 16 / 17  on September 1st 2k 250m challenge (shortest time wins). Categories as per age and gender as in challenge 1.

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6:45 PM18:45


The Club has booked the Waterside Pool - end of Ryde Canoe Lake - for its bi-annual capsize drill & swim test on –

FRIDAY, 23rd MARCH with access to the Pool at  at 7.30pm.

It is a safety rule that all active oarsman, oarswomen and coxswains - should have completed the capsize drill & swim test as soon as possible. Any active member who has not done this should attend this session.

You need to be at the Clubhouse for 6.45pm prompt - for a safety briefing and to help take the single scull we will use along to the Waterside Pool.   

The session will include capsize drill, swim test and throw-line practise - and for coxswains life-jacket practise.

You need to do the test in rowing kit - all-in-one; T shirt & shorts etc..

The pool is indoor and heated - and there are changing rooms and showers.

If you have not completed this test - or want to do a refresher – it’s important you attend - and water activity may be restricted if you have not completed the test/drill.

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Wessex Regional Rowing Council Meeting
10:30 AM10:30

Wessex Regional Rowing Council Meeting

Dear All


Further to the last Wessex & SE Coastal meeting, we had invited British Rowing to attend the next regional meeting to present and discuss the regions participation and support of the British Offshore-Rowing Championships.


Due to the large geographical locations of all of clubs, we proposed that we would hold it as centrally as possible on a Sunday rather than the usual Tuesday night if representatives from British Rowing could attend.


I can confirm that British Rowing will be attending our next meeting with the primary purpose of outlining the plans for the Off-Shore Championships being held in Sandbanks in August.


The next meeting will be Sunday 18th March at Southsea Rowing Club and the meeting will commence at 10.30am


This is a great opportunity for all clubs within the Wessex & SE region to find out more about the Off-Shore Championships and how their clubs can take part or support and we hope that the venue and date will suit those who would usually be unable to attend a Tuesday night meeting.

To help gauge number, please could you advise by return email if you or a representative of your club will or will not be attending?

With thanks in advance,


Penny Budd BA(Hons)

Zzing Marketing Ltd

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Hants & Dorset ARA Presentation Dinner.
6:30 PM18:30

Hants & Dorset ARA Presentation Dinner.

The Hants & Dorset ARA Presentation Dinner takes place on Saturday, 18th November, 2017. at the Novotel Southampton.

The Club has won the Ladies Junior Coastal Fours Championship and a share in the Ladies Novice Sculls Championship so there are Trophies to collect!

The Cost of the evening is £27:50 and this includes: 3 Course meal, coffee, mints and shortbread. 

Club members have to pay their club for the tickets and one club cheque or bank transfer is then sent to Paula Williams who is organising the Dinner on behalf of the Association. Info will then be sent to the club organiser re: table planning etc... -  

Steve Bull will organise the tickets for Ryde Club members - contact on

If anyone from the Club is interested in going - I am happy to arrange the tickets - but wont book accommodation. If you want tickets then you need to let me know with menu choices and the money by the 4th November at the very latest - earlier if possible.

Please E Mail me as soon as possible if you are interested - with the money by the 4th November as stated.  

Any queries contact Paula on 07525339144  or

If you want to stay over there are three Hotels on the site – all having the same address - 1 West Quay Road, S015 1RA.

The Southampton Novotel – the most expensive where the Dinner actually takes place. Contact -Tel (+44)2381/072800  Fax (+44)2380/222158. E-mail

A slightly cheaper option is the Southampton IBIS - which is right next door - 

Contact - Tel (+44)2380/634463. Fax.: (+44)2380/223273

And an even cheaper option – next door to the Ibis is the Ibis Budget Hotel (formally called the Etap). Contact(+44)2380227705. Fax. (+44)2380220554

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Hants & Dorset ARA Autumn Council Meeting.
10:30 AM10:30

Hants & Dorset ARA Autumn Council Meeting.

A meeting of the Council of the Association will be held at the Itchen Imperial Rowing Club,  Crosshouse Road, Chapel, Southampton, United Kingdom, SO14 5GZ, on Saturday, 21st October, 2017 starting at at 10.30am in accordance with H&D ARA Constitution, Rule 11.

Representation at the meeting will be the Executive Officers, Life Vice Presidents plus one delegate from each affiliated Club and each Event that receives an H&D Permit. (H&D ARA Constitution, Rule 7.)


1.       Apologies.

2.       Minutes of the last  Autumn Council Meeting [see attached] and Matters Arising from AGM of 18th March, 2017 and End of Season Council Meeting of 12th August, 2017.

3.       Correspondence and Hon. Secretary.

4.       Reports on the 2017 Regatta Season and Events*. [See attached] 

5.        Swanage Regatta – report on 2017 event [See attached] + organization for 2018*.

6.       South Coast Championship Regatta.

                   i)          Report on the 2017 South Coast Championship Regatta*. [See attached]

                        ii)         Report on South Coast Council Meetings*.

iii)         To consider any suggested changes to the South Coast Championship Rules.

            Allowing J14/J16 Boys Quad events to be mixed; Change name of Veteran Events to Masters; Bring start procedure in line with H&D and CARA.

7.       Approval of Regatta & Head Race dates for 2018*. [See attached - Recommendation to follow]

8.       To considor the venue and organisation of the 2020 South Coast Rowing Championships.

Time frame - Jan 2018. SCC AGM, Sept 2018. SCC Deal, Nov 2018. H&D to advise proposed venue for 2020.

Jan 2019. SCC AGM. Written resume required, Sept 2019. SCC Dartmouth, Jan 2020. SCC AGM, Sept 2020. H&D hostedSCC. .

9.       Report from Hants & Dorset ARA “Rules” and “Competitions” Sub Committees*.

          [notes from meeting of 17th October to follow.]

10.     To consider any possible rule changes for discussion and approval at the AGM*.

11.      South Coast Rowing/Hants & Dorset ARA Handbook.

12.     Report from the Race Officials Committee*.

13.     Report from the Safety Sub Committee*. [See attached]

14.     Report from Wessex Regional Rowing Council (Colin Eales)*.

15.     Arrangements for Presentation Dinner on 18th November, 2017.

16.     The role of Association Secretary*. [Notes to follow].

17.     Any other business.

18.     Date and place of Annual General Meeting.

*In order to try and speed-up the meeting some of the items on the Agenda may be supported by brief written reports. However due to time constraints these may not be available when the Agenda is circulated. Where possible this information will be provided prior to the meeting – either electronically in advance of the meeting or hard copy at the meeting. Circulated reports will not be read out at the meeting unless requested – but consideration will be given to any parts of the report that need discussion, approval or some sort of decision made. Please ensure you’re Club and delegates have had access to these reports prior to the meeting.

LUNCH WILL BE SERVED. (Subject to confirmation from Itchen Imperial R. C.)

Stephen C. Bull, Association Secretary, September/October, 2017.

Will Club Secretaries please ensure that all Hants & Dorset Championship Trophies are returned at this meeting in a clean condition ready for presentation at this years Dinner.

H&D ARA Constitution.


7.1. The management of the Association shall be invested in a Council consisting of the Executive, Life Vice Presidents, and one delegate from each affiliated Club and one delegate from each affiliated event (hereinafter called the Council).

7.2. The Council shall have full power to enquire into the conduct of any Club or event or individual in respect of whom a complaint has been made and for that purpose may require the attendance of specific officials and other persons and the production of all books, letters and other documents. They shall full power to deal with all offending or defaulting Clubs, events or individuals as they may think fit including imposing fines and suspensions or withholding championship points but any motion imposing such action shall require a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.

7.3. The Council may make bye-laws which shall be binding on the Association until the next AGM at which they must be ratified in order to stay in force.


11.1. A meeting of the Council shall be held in the Autumn of each year to review the last event season and matters arising there from and to consider any matters to be referred to the AGM. Clubs and events wishing to have matters placed on the agenda shall notify the Honorary Secretary thereof before the 30th September and the Honorary Secretary shall give at least 3 weeks notice in writing of such meeting and agenda. Unless determined at a previous meeting the date and place shall be fixed by the Honorary Secretary.



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Wessex Region JIRR Junior Coordinators Meeting.
12:00 PM12:00

Wessex Region JIRR Junior Coordinators Meeting.

I would like to invite you to a meeting of all Junior Coordinators across the Wessex region with the following agenda for discussion:

1. Organisation, selection and training of the Wessex squad for the NJIRC.
2. Strategies to raise the aspirations and standard of our Junior oarsmen and Women in  the Wessex region. 

Date: Saturday 14th October
Time: 12noon
Venue: Itchen Imperial Rowing Club, Southampton

Kind regards,

Garry Walters
Wessex Team Manager 2018

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