The definition of a cadet for the purpose of Rowing fees will be roughly in line with the British Rowing J18 rules, as follows - you will pay the cadet rate if you are under 18 on the 1st September in the current school year unless in full time employment


Rowing Fees = £10 (Adult), £5.00 (Cadet), Free (Coxwain).

Transport in Minibus = £10 (Adult), £5.00 (Cadet).

Includes One Entry - Minibus Driver Goes Free.                                                                       


Rowing Fees = Seat Fee (Adult), Seat Fee (Cadet), Free (Coxwain).           

Transport in Minibus = £10 (Adult), £5.00 (Cadet).

Includes One Entry - Minibus Driver Goes Free.

PRIVATE SCULL STORAGE - £30.00 - £50 for Two Sculls.

Increases to £50 and £75 if not paid by 1st June + must be at least “Silver” BR member and meet RRC Private boat storage condition - which can be downloaded here.  



Social rowing membership - competing at a Regatta, unless requested to do so by the Rowing subcommittee, will have to pay an additional £8, which can be off set against an upgrade to full rowing membership.

Late entries. Late entry of £9.00 per seat will be paid for by the crew.

Doubling-up. Individuals or crews who want to "double-up", as opposed to being requested or directed to "double-up", will make a contribution of £5.00 towards each additional entry fee.  i.e. individuals or crews are entitled to an entry in one event as part of their rowing fee but have to make a contribution to any additional races they wish to enter.

Mixed/Charity races - paid for by the competing crew.

Rowing fees will be charged at all Regattas’ except Ryde, Minibus transport is charged at all Regattas except Ryde, Shanklin and Newport.

Some "special" events may have an increased rowing fee and Minibus Transport fee - for example - the South coast Championships, the National Championships, Inter-Regional’s.

All the above can be adjusted/waived at the discretion of the Rowing Captain/Rowing Sub Committee.

As agreed at the Rowing Subcommittee Meeting of 21st April, 2013.