Christchurch Head of the Stour.
10:00 AM10:00

Christchurch Head of the Stour.

CHRISTCHURCH ROWING CLUBRiver Bank, Wick Lane, Christchurch, Dorset. BH23 1HUTelephone 01202 

HEAD OF THE STOURSunday 4th March 20182 mile head race through Christchurch harbour finishing at Christchurch Sailing Club pontoon

Division One – 11.00am
W SEN 4+ W JUN 4+ W NOV 4+ W MASTERS 4+ W J16 4+ M SEN 2- M JUN2- M SEN 1x M JUN 1x M NOV 1

Division Two – 1.00pm

M SEN 4+ M J/ S 4+ M JUN 4+ M NOV 4 + M MASTERS 4+ M J16 4+ W SEN 2- W JUN 2- W SEN 1x W JUN 1x W NOV 1x


Additional classes may be added at the club’s discretion. If there are insufficient entries, we will move your entry up tothe next category. Please state clearly if you are not willing to race at a different category.Prizes will be awarded in events where there are three or more crews racing.Entries may be limited to ensure safe marshalling and racing in each division.Price: £5 per seat (no charge coxswains). Late entries on the day will be charged at £7Cheques made payable to Christchurch Rowing Club.Entries by post or email and payment by post only to reach the Head of the StourEntries Secretary by no later than Saturday 24th February 2018Emma Kelly, White House, Kingston, Ringwood, Hants. BH24 01425 470569 / 07799 625404

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BTC River & Coastal Boats Head.
11:00 AM11:00

BTC River & Coastal Boats Head.

An invitation race of 3.5 miles on the River, Itchen, Southampton.

River Events

Division 1 (11.OOam)

Coxless 4's. Men's Open

Coxed 4's.  Men's Senior, Men's Junior Senior, Men's Junior, Men's Novice, Open Masters 

Coxed Quads. Men's Open, J16 Boys.

Pairs. Ladies Senior, Ladies Junior

Doubles. Ladies Open

J16 Girls. Sculls

All Ladies inc Veteran

Coastal Events

Fours.  Ladies Senior, Ladies Junior, Ladies Novice, Ladies Masters

 Coastal Quads, J16 Boys 

Pairs. Men's Senior, Men's Junior

Doubles (Must contain one novice sculler per boat.). Men's Open

Sculls. Men's Senior, Men's Veteran,  Men's Junior,  Men's Novice

Division 2 (1.45pm)

River Events   

Coxless 4's. Ladies Open

Coxed 4's.  Ladies Senior, Ladies Junior, Ladies Novice, Ladies Masters

Coxed Quads. Ladies Open, J16 Girls

Pairs. Men's Senior, Men's Junior, 

Doubles. Men's Open, J16 Boys


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H&D ARA Safety Meeting.
9:00 AM09:00

H&D ARA Safety Meeting.

This Years Hants & Dorset ARA safety Meeting - on the IW on Saturday, 17th February - please see shown below - and attached - the Agenda for the Meeting plus some relevant attachments.

Hants & Dorset ARA Water Safety Meeting.

Hants & Dorset ARA Club and Event Safety Advisers and/or Club and Event Secretaries or their representatives are invited to attend a meeting of the Hants & Dorset ARA Water Safety Committee to be held at Ryde Rowing Club, Appley Park, Ryde, IW, PO33 3NDon Saturday, 17th February, 2018 at approx 1.00pm*.

Representatives of Non-Hants & Dorset ARA affiliated Wessex West Region Clubs are also invited and are welcome to attend – but should be aware that much of the content of the meeting relates specifically to Hants & Dorset ARA Clubs.

*Prior to the meeting those attending are invited to join the Water Safety Committee members in a re-audit of the Safety procedures and facilities of the Newport, Shanklin Rowing Clubs and Ryde Rowing Clubs boathouse at the Folly and Clubhouse at Ryde. Transport between the Clubs will be provided. The formal meeting will take place at Ryde, at approximately 1.00pm after the completion of the re-audits and a break for lunch – which will be provided by Ryde.


1) Apologies

2) Minutes of the last meeting. Note: Previously circulated – a copy can be downloaded from the Hants & Dorset ARA Web site at – See downloads section.

3) Secretaries Report (Report to H&D Autumn Delegates Meeting/Wessex Region AGM) [See attached]

4) To receive a report on the British Rowing National Water Safety Committee Meetings.

5)  BR Row Safe.

6)  BR Club Safety Audits.

7) On Line Incident Reporting – analysis of 9th year – and stats (if available from BR).

8) Safety incidents Reported by H&D (& Wessex) Clubs in 2017 and at 2017 Hants & Dorset Events.

9) Boat Inspections - report on last seasons Inspections and plans for 2018. [See attached] 

10) Regatta/Event Audits - reports on last seasons audits and plans for 2018.

11) To review Association Safety equipment including status after 2017 season. (Gary Joyce).

12) Review of availability if defibrillators at H&D Clubs & Events and need for Association owned unit.

13) Format of the Hants & Dorset Water Safety Committee.

14) Venue for 2019 Meeting.

15) Any other business.

 Steve Bull. H&D ARA Association Secretary/Wessex Region RRSA. January, 2017.

 Attached: Copy of the report to H&D Autumn Delegates Meeting/Wessex Region AGM.             

 Results and analysis of H&D Safety Committee Boat Inspections, 2017 including Life Jackets.

 Additional information may be sent prior to the meeting.

 In my earlier E Mail - of 6th January I asked if delegates could confirm their intention to attend or not - remembering that any Club not attending may be penalised by the Association - and their ideal port of arrival to allow us to plan the transport and catering.

I have received positive responses from - 

Mark Viner, Chairman of the Safety Committee. Ideally Lymington or Cowes

Steve Lloyd-West. Southampton ARC. Cowes?

Adam Ratcliffe. BTC & H&D Safety Committee. Cowes?

Kasia Koniec. BTC. Cowes.

Mike Gisborne. Southsea & Safety Committee. Ryde.

Tom Schofield. Coalporters. Cowes?

Steve Fagan. Itchen. Cowes.

Andi Davies. Southampton. Ryde.

Gary Joyce. H&D Safety Committee. Cowes.

Steve Draper. Ryde. Resident on the IW.

Myself. RRSA & H&D Safety Committee. Resident on the Island.

and I have received one apology from Jessie Lyons at Dolphin.

So that's 11 attending at the moment, with one apology and no response, unless I have missed it from - Christchurch, Bournemouth or Poole + Shanklin and Newport - which is of some concern as these Clubs are due to be visited - and I hoped would be able to help with some of the logistics - which I am now working on and will contact you all again shortly.


Steve Bull.

Regional Rowing Safety Adviser.

Wessex Regional Rowing Council.

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Hants & Dorset ARA Presentation Dinner.
6:30 PM18:30

Hants & Dorset ARA Presentation Dinner.

The Hants & Dorset ARA Presentation Dinner takes place on Saturday, 18th November, 2017. at the Novotel Southampton.

The Club has won the Ladies Junior Coastal Fours Championship and a share in the Ladies Novice Sculls Championship so there are Trophies to collect!

The Cost of the evening is £27:50 and this includes: 3 Course meal, coffee, mints and shortbread. 

Club members have to pay their club for the tickets and one club cheque or bank transfer is then sent to Paula Williams who is organising the Dinner on behalf of the Association. Info will then be sent to the club organiser re: table planning etc... -  

Steve Bull will organise the tickets for Ryde Club members - contact on

If anyone from the Club is interested in going - I am happy to arrange the tickets - but wont book accommodation. If you want tickets then you need to let me know with menu choices and the money by the 4th November at the very latest - earlier if possible.

Please E Mail me as soon as possible if you are interested - with the money by the 4th November as stated.  

Any queries contact Paula on 07525339144  or

If you want to stay over there are three Hotels on the site – all having the same address - 1 West Quay Road, S015 1RA.

The Southampton Novotel – the most expensive where the Dinner actually takes place. Contact -Tel (+44)2381/072800  Fax (+44)2380/222158. E-mail

A slightly cheaper option is the Southampton IBIS - which is right next door - 

Contact - Tel (+44)2380/634463. Fax.: (+44)2380/223273

And an even cheaper option – next door to the Ibis is the Ibis Budget Hotel (formally called the Etap). Contact(+44)2380227705. Fax. (+44)2380220554

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Hants & Dorset ARA Autumn Council Meeting.
10:30 AM10:30

Hants & Dorset ARA Autumn Council Meeting.

A meeting of the Council of the Association will be held at the Itchen Imperial Rowing Club,  Crosshouse Road, Chapel, Southampton, United Kingdom, SO14 5GZ, on Saturday, 21st October, 2017 starting at at 10.30am in accordance with H&D ARA Constitution, Rule 11.

Representation at the meeting will be the Executive Officers, Life Vice Presidents plus one delegate from each affiliated Club and each Event that receives an H&D Permit. (H&D ARA Constitution, Rule 7.)


1.       Apologies.

2.       Minutes of the last  Autumn Council Meeting [see attached] and Matters Arising from AGM of 18th March, 2017 and End of Season Council Meeting of 12th August, 2017.

3.       Correspondence and Hon. Secretary.

4.       Reports on the 2017 Regatta Season and Events*. [See attached] 

5.        Swanage Regatta – report on 2017 event [See attached] + organization for 2018*.

6.       South Coast Championship Regatta.

                   i)          Report on the 2017 South Coast Championship Regatta*. [See attached]

                        ii)         Report on South Coast Council Meetings*.

iii)         To consider any suggested changes to the South Coast Championship Rules.

            Allowing J14/J16 Boys Quad events to be mixed; Change name of Veteran Events to Masters; Bring start procedure in line with H&D and CARA.

7.       Approval of Regatta & Head Race dates for 2018*. [See attached - Recommendation to follow]

8.       To considor the venue and organisation of the 2020 South Coast Rowing Championships.

Time frame - Jan 2018. SCC AGM, Sept 2018. SCC Deal, Nov 2018. H&D to advise proposed venue for 2020.

Jan 2019. SCC AGM. Written resume required, Sept 2019. SCC Dartmouth, Jan 2020. SCC AGM, Sept 2020. H&D hostedSCC. .

9.       Report from Hants & Dorset ARA “Rules” and “Competitions” Sub Committees*.

          [notes from meeting of 17th October to follow.]

10.     To consider any possible rule changes for discussion and approval at the AGM*.

11.      South Coast Rowing/Hants & Dorset ARA Handbook.

12.     Report from the Race Officials Committee*.

13.     Report from the Safety Sub Committee*. [See attached]

14.     Report from Wessex Regional Rowing Council (Colin Eales)*.

15.     Arrangements for Presentation Dinner on 18th November, 2017.

16.     The role of Association Secretary*. [Notes to follow].

17.     Any other business.

18.     Date and place of Annual General Meeting.

*In order to try and speed-up the meeting some of the items on the Agenda may be supported by brief written reports. However due to time constraints these may not be available when the Agenda is circulated. Where possible this information will be provided prior to the meeting – either electronically in advance of the meeting or hard copy at the meeting. Circulated reports will not be read out at the meeting unless requested – but consideration will be given to any parts of the report that need discussion, approval or some sort of decision made. Please ensure you’re Club and delegates have had access to these reports prior to the meeting.

LUNCH WILL BE SERVED. (Subject to confirmation from Itchen Imperial R. C.)

Stephen C. Bull, Association Secretary, September/October, 2017.

Will Club Secretaries please ensure that all Hants & Dorset Championship Trophies are returned at this meeting in a clean condition ready for presentation at this years Dinner.

H&D ARA Constitution.


7.1. The management of the Association shall be invested in a Council consisting of the Executive, Life Vice Presidents, and one delegate from each affiliated Club and one delegate from each affiliated event (hereinafter called the Council).

7.2. The Council shall have full power to enquire into the conduct of any Club or event or individual in respect of whom a complaint has been made and for that purpose may require the attendance of specific officials and other persons and the production of all books, letters and other documents. They shall full power to deal with all offending or defaulting Clubs, events or individuals as they may think fit including imposing fines and suspensions or withholding championship points but any motion imposing such action shall require a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.

7.3. The Council may make bye-laws which shall be binding on the Association until the next AGM at which they must be ratified in order to stay in force.


11.1. A meeting of the Council shall be held in the Autumn of each year to review the last event season and matters arising there from and to consider any matters to be referred to the AGM. Clubs and events wishing to have matters placed on the agenda shall notify the Honorary Secretary thereof before the 30th September and the Honorary Secretary shall give at least 3 weeks notice in writing of such meeting and agenda. Unless determined at a previous meeting the date and place shall be fixed by the Honorary Secretary.



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Wessex Region JIRR Junior Coordinators Meeting.
12:00 PM12:00

Wessex Region JIRR Junior Coordinators Meeting.

I would like to invite you to a meeting of all Junior Coordinators across the Wessex region with the following agenda for discussion:

1. Organisation, selection and training of the Wessex squad for the NJIRC.
2. Strategies to raise the aspirations and standard of our Junior oarsmen and Women in  the Wessex region. 

Date: Saturday 14th October
Time: 12noon
Venue: Itchen Imperial Rowing Club, Southampton

Kind regards,

Garry Walters
Wessex Team Manager 2018

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Trip to Henley Royal Regatta
1:00 PM13:00

Trip to Henley Royal Regatta

The Club is planning a trip to Henley Royal Regatta this year - on Wednesday, 28th June, 2017.

The round trip will be made in the Clubs Minibus - and will cost £65 for RRC members - and £75 for non-members. This will include your return boat fare, parking at Henley (right next to the Regatta), entry into the Stewards enclosure and entry into Leander Rowing Club. Note there is a strict dress code for entry into both of these establishments. 

For more details or to book a place contact the Club Captain - Pete Allsopp on - 01983 611081 or 07890 063748 or by E Mail on

Due to the limitations on how many can travel in the minibus this trip is limited to the first seventeen to request a place. A deposit may be required.

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A day out at Newbury Races. Saturday, 22nd April, 2017
8:00 AM08:00

A day out at Newbury Races. Saturday, 22nd April, 2017

On Saturday 22nd April we are going to the Newbury races for a fun day out.

The ticket price covers the cost of all travel, entrance fee into the race course, £10 towards your food and drink, a race card and £3 bet.

The cost for this is only £45 per head and we have 17 spaces only - some this is strictly first come first served.

If you would like to come then let Dave Redstone know either by email on or call on 07788 235138.

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Indoor rowing challenge. For Cancer Research UK. Ryde Rowing Club in partnership with Churchers Solicitors
10:00 AM10:00

Indoor rowing challenge. For Cancer Research UK. Ryde Rowing Club in partnership with Churchers Solicitors

Indoor rowing challenge for Cancer Research UK.

Ryde Rowing Club in partnership with Churchers Solicitors.  

British Rowing has joined forces with Cancer Research UK for “The Great Row”.

Cancer Research UK and British Rowing are encouraging thousands across the nation to take on an indoor rowing challenge.

Ryde Rowing Club – in partnership with Churchers Solicitors in Ryde – are joining this challenge – to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and the Club.

The Challenge is taking place at Churchers Solicitors office in Union Street, Ryde on -

Saturday, 25th March – from 10.00am to 4.00pm

- where members of the Club’s Ladies Squad – and others – will complete a full marathon on indoor rowing machines.

The public are welcome to “come and have a go” – and there will be a cake sale and a raffle.

Please come along and give us your support for this great cause or make a donation at -

“Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer, which is why we need to pull together, get active, commit to a challenge and raise as much money as possible to help bring forward the day that all cancers are cured.”

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