IWRF Junior Ergo. Sun 27th November.

Hi all,
Please be aware that next Sunday - 27th November is the IWRF Junior Ergo competition at the Ryde Clubhouse. So from around 9.00am to about 3.30pm the changing rooms, boathouse and upstairs lounges will be in use - along with almost all the Ergos - in competition or for warming up/down. So Land training facilities will NOT be available between these times.
We are expecting around 50 Juniors from the Island to attend so the place will be pretty busy - and we want to create a good impression so I have had a bit of a tidy-up around the boathouse - it actually was not to bad - but please try and keep it this way this week - especially the weight area - and put the weights away after us.
I have also "fixed" two things on Ergos hi-lighted at Fridays Row Sub - I have put the missing handle holder back on one and repaired the handle that had come off (not sure how long it will last).
If anyone gets the chance a bit of a clean-up of the Ergos would be good!
Thanks for your cooperation. Be please to see you at the comp on Sunday - some along and help/support if you can.
Steve. RowSub.