Ryde R. C. Annual General Meeting. Thursday, 24th November, 2016.

Ryde R. C. Annual General Meeting. Thursday, 24th November, 2016.

Ryde Rowing Club held a well-attended Annual General Meeting at their Clubhouse in Appley Park on Thursday (24th November, 2016). 

Carol Hewison, the Club Secretary was able to report on a fairly successful where the Club had won the Hants & Dorset ARA Men’s Novice Sculling Championship and a share in the Hants & Dorset ARA Ladies Novice Fours Championship as well as having two crews selected to represent the Association at the South Coast Rowing Championships.  

The Clubs Financial Secretary, Dave Redstone was able to report that the Club was in a reasonable financial position, with the accounts approved - and on the success of the New Mini Bus project where the Club had been able to raise sufficient funds to replace their aging minibus.

Both Carol and Dave were re-elected to their respective positions as was the Club Captain, Peter Allsopp, Rowing Captain, Micky Jenner and Assistant Secretary Darrell Reeve. Angela Evans was reappointed as Reporting Accountant and Dale Buckett and Emily Pike were elected to the main committee replacing Kate Whitehurst and Allan Evans and joining Steph Hickman, Lisa Murphy, Julie Cole, Steve Bull, Chris Groves and Steve Dear who were re-elected. The Bar Committee of Graham Reeve, Chairman; Steph Hickman, Manager; Josie Bull, Assistant Manager; Steve Bull, Secretary and Julie Cole committee member were also re-elected. 

A small increase in the clubs annual subscriptions was agreed by the meeting and the start of the Subscription year was changed to 1st January as well as some minor changes to the wording of some rules to accommodate electronic banking.