Ryde Rowing Club. Christmas Greetings - and a Happy New Year!

On behalf of the Rowing Clubs Officers and Committee can I wish all our members and friends a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Can I remind you all that the Clubs Annual Christmas draw takes place at the Clubhouse at 8pm tomorrow - Christmas Eve - with a few surprises and a Goddard's Craft Ale - Fuggle-Dee-Dum on sale. Members, family and friends all welcome.

Can I also remind you that following the rule change agreed at the AGM the Clubs Annual subscriptions fall due on 1st January - more information to follow later.

Finally - can I tell you about a few events already planned for 2017 - for your new 2017 diaries!

Saturday 18th March – Quiz Night, 

Friday or Saturday, 24th or 25th March – Horse Race Night. 

April – Bingo! 


Saturday, 7th October. Annual Presentation Dinner.

The 150 Club Talks with Fish & Chip Supper – start again in February - planned so far –  Thursday 23rd February 2017 – Stuart Bennett – Life in the Freezer - Talk on the Falklands; Thursday 30th March 2017 – Terry Barrett – Metal Detecting on the IOW – Look what I’ve found!; Thursday 27th April 2017 – Stephen Fisher from the Maritime Archaeology Trust (Southampton) – Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War; 150 Club Talks with Fish & Chip Supper – start again in February - planned so far – Thursday 25th May 2017 – Derek Needham – Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary; Thursday 29th June 2017 – Graham Reading – Photography – ‘Flashing the Famous and Shooting the Stars.’; Thursday 27th July 2017 – Monkey Haven – Home for rescued animals – from whooping gibbons and cheeky capuchins to owls, meerkats and many more exotic creatures..

Have a good Christmas!