The view from the Bar.

During a recent party at the club a  number of members from  the 1960's were reminiscing,

One had been the Bar manager back then and he commented on the price of the beer these  days.

He said in his day Beer was 2/6( 2 & 6)  12.5 np ( new pence)  in todays' money.

Some Members thought this was extortion and the club did what it could to reduce the price. The brewery rep was summoned and he advised the if more beer was consumed  the price could be reduced. In true RRC fashion members rose to the challenge and more beer was consumed and the price reduced to 2 shillings - 10 np  so happiness was restored.  To contextualize this a skilled man or woman earning more than a few pounds a week  would have had a very good job indeed.

Steve Dear.