Ryde R. C. Recent Social Events.

The Club has staged two successful events at the Clubhouse over the last week or so.

On Thursday 25th Febuary the first of this seasons 150 Club Fish/Chip Supper with Talk's was staged with Paul Wheeler - former active member and son of Hon. Life Member - Dave giving a very interesting talk on the "Royal IW Golf Course" - the St. Helens Links Golf Course.  Around forty members and guests attended and some enjoyed the beer promotion with a pint of Goddards "Fuddle-de-dum".

The next Fish Chip Supper and Talk is on Thursday, 31st March - and is on the Isle of Wight Air Ambulance - see event's for details.

On Friday, 4th March the Club held a fundraiser for the "New boat fund" as we tray to raise enough money to order a new Coastal Four. This took the form of a quiz night - organised by Graham Reeve and John Adams - with around fifty members and friends in attendance - working in teams of four (with the odd five!) and answering questions on such diverse topics as Sport, Local Knowledge, TV and Films, Food and drink and Geography. The winning team was - "Sorry I could not hear you" - consisted of Matt & Jo Smith, Nick Douglas and Steve and Josie Bull - who insists she made no contribution what so ever!. £25 was raised for the boat fund plus the winning team donated the £25 winners prize to the fund - so £50 raised. Thanks to all who attended.

The next fund raioer is the "Bingo Night" hosted by Pete Allsopp and Josie Bull on Friday, 15th April - see events for more details.