Ryde Regatta. Saturday, 21st May. Prep. Day - Friday 20th May.

Its the Club Regatta next Saturday - 21st May.

So lots to prepare and do - and all help would be really welcome.

A few people on Friday morning - 20th May - from around 9.30/10am would be good - but more importantly I definitely need a group on Friday afternoon from around 2.00pm - for the more difficult jobs - putting the Tarpaulin's over the start platform, putting up the starts posts and laying the main Regatta buoys. 

Last year Pete and I ended up doing much of this on our own and did not finish until after 7.00pm!

So if a few of the "rowers" can confirm they will be there as soon as they can on Friday afternoon that would be appreciated. Please make the effort to check in and confirm everything even if you cant get along that early so if we are struggling we can still get it all done.

Also - as usual crews have been allocated "tidy-up" jobs after the regatta - please make sure you do them.  We are fortunate to run our regatta early in the season - and get all this out the way - so lets all rally round and get this done - and then we can "enjoy" the rest of the season - when other Clubs run their Regatta's.

 Steve. Regatta Secretary.

See below & attached - 


Collect Main Boat Trailer from Folly – if not at Ryde already.

Needs to be loaded with all boats needed – 3 x Coastal Fours, Coastal Pair, Club Coastal Scull + Micky’s Scull – all seats, riggers, rudders, blades, Trestles etc.. + numbers/Tool Kits/Life Jackets

Boats to Old boathouse/Cowes/Folly/Trailer as necessary.

Clear out Main Boathouse - Weights/Ergos etc… to weights area.

Set-up “Kitchen” area - in back-bar.

Start Platform.

Cover Start Platform.

Put up Start/Finish Posts

Put up Banners – Wightlink & bunting – Clubhouse. NOT NEAR START.

Meeting with IWCC Car Parks/Car Parking? – TBC.

No Waiting Cones – from Council.

Collect Safety Boat [straight to Ryde harbour?]

Clean/Repair/Set-up Safety Boat

Fuel for Safety Boat.

Clean & prepare changing rooms.

Tidy & prepare Bar area.

Set-up Balcony area – Furniture etc.

Make-up Programmes - prepare sales points.

Clean & Mark-up Cups.

Create Prize Giving Kit - Cups/Trophies/Table Covers/Plan.

Check numbers on/and Buoys (permanent) [alternate - Yellow/Orange]

Lay main Buoys.

Blow-up & check Large Marker Buoys and sort weights.

Set-up Sponsors display.

(Set-up Audio Visual display on PC/TV – may not bother)

Radios – collect, check and mark-up.

Officials Kits -Start/Finish and Judges. i/c refreshments.

Mark out camping area in park – posts, tape & notices.

Set-up refreshment sales area in Boathouse.  BBQ etc..

Check out Safety & First Aid Kits

Check Club First Aid Kit(s).

Flush drains?

Needed from old boathouse before "Filling it".

Start posts

Large Marker Buoys

Main Regatta Buoys

Tarpaulins (for start platform)

Rope, Any boats/blades that will be in use.

Weights/anchors (for large buoys)


Crews/Squads to be at Club for 8.30am on SATURDAY at the latest.

Boats & equipment to beach.  

Tide-up jobs required after completion on Regatta on Saturday.     

Job. Crew/squad allocated.

1)  RUBBISH CLEARANCE. Park around Clubhouse & Campsite, beach (Boat park), Pavement - from start to Club. LADIES NOVICES.     

2)  PARKING NOTICE & POSTER REMOVAL. NO WAITING CONES. Take down posters on Lamp posts & at Car Park, Collect Police No Waiting Cones & other cones. To old Boathouse.  LADIES NOVICES

3)  START PLATFORM. Take down tarpaulins, tidy-up area pack. Pack away all equipment - table, chairs etc.. To old  Boathouse or Minibus.  MENS NOVICES & JUNIORS.                 

2)  START/FINISH POSTS.Take down, bring in and puts away in roof of old boathouse. J/S & SENIOR MEN.               

3)  MAIN REGATTA BUOYS. Bring in, replacing with temporary buoys (Plastic containers). Leave in case needed Sunday. (Steve Bull will organise)

4)  RIB - To Shanklin. Pete Allsopp/Steve Bull. then take RIB Back to Folly after Shanklin Regatta.


NOTE: On Sunday – All must be at Shanklin for 10.15am latest/Minibus will leave Ryde at 9.45am latest. Be at Club 9.30 latest if you want to go in the bus.

6) BOAT UNLOADING.Boats & trailer back to Folly. After Shanklin. All. ( ? driving)