Park of the Dead - Live action horror on the Isle of Wight - at Ryde Rowing Club.


Events of the Dead Ltd, a Ryde based entertainment company, have approached us for the use of the Lounge & Bar area's of our for their "Park of the Dead - LOCKDOWN" experience for a number of days at the end of October. 

Park of the Dead "LOCKDOWN" is a live action theatrical horror experience that is based in part on real life events and military history at Puckpool Park. It is a high intensity experience that is not for the faint hearted or those of a nervous disposition. There could be, and participants should expect, loud noises, flashing strobe lights, extreme darkness and moments of madness.

The event is being staged each evening between Wednesday, 26 and Monday, 31st October from around 6.00pm to 11.00pm with up to eight "tours" each evening lasting about 1 hour 45 mins each.
Participants will arrive at a secure area - the Rowing Club - and be briefed on the current situation. Following instructions they are taken to the facility - in Puckpool Park. After the "experience" - if they survive -  they are returned to the Clubhouse.
The company - Events of the Dead Ltd., - are obviously paying a hire fee to use the Clubhouse plus there is the opportunity to open the bar each evening to increase our profits from this event - which is an opportunity not to be missed.
But we need to staff the function - and so apart from some of our regular bar staff - we are looking for quite a few Club Members to volunteer to do one or more bar shifts during this period so we can maximise our income.
While we will be appealing to all members to help we are hoping the "rowers" will pitch as its out of season and hopefully most can make themselves available for a session or two.
If you can help please respond to this Blog, E Mail - or contact Steve or Josie Bull or Julie Cole and let us know when you could be available - so we can draw up a rota.
Thanks in anticipation.