Disappointment with IW County Press Reporting.

Once again we feel disappointed and a little let down by the reporting of recent regattas in the Isle of Wight County Press.

In spite of submitting a report on Woolston Regatta held last Saturday, 16th June where we had an excellent Novice Fours win - in line with their new deadline for copy of the Monday after the event - they have failed to print the report - and inexplicably re-printed the report on Itchen Regatta that they had already printed in the previous weeks County Press!

Mean while the IW on-line news agencies "On the Wight" and the  IW Echo" published the Woolston report in full with photo within twenty-four hours of the report being submitted.

We have expressed my disappointment to the Sports Editor at the IW County Press and asked if the Woolston Regatta report can be printed in next weeks edition - although clearly by then it will have lost some of its impact. 

Its been very frustrating but we will persevere and continue to submit reports in a timly manner in the hope of publication. 

We repeat our earlier statement that the IW based on-line news services - On the Wight and the IW Daily Echo  are often the best place to keep up to date with Ryde's Rowing Clubs results as they publish on-line during the week and the reports are more specific about Ryde's results where as the IWCP tends to amalgamate the reports received from the three IW Rowing Clubs which some times leads to a less accurate report.

The On the Wight report can be found at - https://onthewight.com/double-regatta-weekend-for-ryde-rowing-club/

The IW Daily Echo report at - https://www.islandecho.co.uk/category/sport/