Commonwealth Beach Rowing Sprint Championships. Sandbanks, Poole. Friday 18th & Saturday, 19th August, 2018.

On Friday and Saturday (Friday 18th & Saturday, 19th August, 2018) the first ever Commonwealth Beach Rowing Sprint Championships took place at Sandbanks Beach, Poole, with eight commonwealth countries Barbados, Canada, England, Namibia, Scotland, Uganda, Vanuatu and Wales all represented at the inaugural one of a kind rowing event.

Wightlink sponsored Ryde Rowing Club member, Sharon Ayles, was one of those in the England team where she coxed the England Mixed Coxed Coastal Quad – and also supported the management and coaching of the England squad.  

In this style of racing – in FISA Coastal Boats – rather than the Clubs usual type of boat crews will start on the beach and sprint to their boats, which are held in the water by boat holders. They then slalom out to sea for 250m before turning around the final marker buoy for a straight sprint back to shore. When they reach land, one member of the crew jumps out and will sprint up the beach to cross the finish line.

Unfortunately the English crew, who experienced some difficulties with their boat were defeated in the semi-final by Wales.