This Thursdays 3rd March One off special session: 'Yoga for Rowers' Session, 6pm at Greenmount Primary School.

This Thursday, 3rd March. One off Special. "Yoga for Rowers" 6.00pm at Greenmount Primary School, Ryde.

This will be a strong session focusing on core strengthening, proper breathing techniques, stretches applicable to rowing. and will be appropriate for active adult rowers (Those that are bringing odd youngsters should be fine).  Non rowers and active Yoga goers are welcome to come along too. 

Further sessions will be arranged at Ryde Rowing Club for under 16's, racing and social rowers focusing on stretches to prevent injuries and warm up /warm down exercises.

Please Note:
1.Non rowers are welcome although this session will be aimed towards those who are currently training, so a certain level of fitness is assumed.
2. Due to a hall cost at this venue donations are gratefully received though not obligatory.
3. Coaches are welcome even if you dont join in on the activities ;) though I would recommend you giving it a try as we all need to STRETCH MORE.
Hope to see you there.